About Howard Knight

A look at the master that creates the works of art in leather . . . “One of a kind, one at a time”

Perfection with an eye to cutting edge design inspired by classical floral styles of centuries past – that is what is at the heart of the works of art in leather that Howard Knight creates.

Regarded as one of the finest leather artists and designers in the country, he began his journey years ago as a young man learning “leather craft” in 4-H Club.

Honored to have been mentored by master leather carvers Chuck Smith and Ray Pohja, today, Howard’s work is worn and rode by legends around the world and has been featured in numerous books and publications.

Howard is also inspired and thrives on creative collaboration with other artists including the finest silver smiths, photographers and other exceptional leather artists. “Creativity and design is not finite, it’s ever evolving. I continue to be driven to create ‘over-the-top’ designs.”

Each piece, whether it’s a belt or an entire mototcycle, each one is done by hand by Howard. He imagines then renders the art then puts his magical hands to work turning his vision into reality. A reality to wear and a reality to ride.

As for Howard the regular guy… he’s passionate about fly fishing. When he’s not creating in his studio, he’s likely waste-deep in one of the beautiful rivers near his home in Montana, not only catching fish but also being inspired by the natural rhythms and elegance of water that surrounds him. If he’s out there, he may be out on his Harley – he finds that a bit inspiring as well…

Howard Knight

“Both my goal and my passion
is to create heirloom pieces
to be passed down
for generations to come.”

Endorsed by MCAM

Howard Knight MCAM

Among the “legends” that own a “Howard Knight”: George Bush, San Sheperd, and more!